Develop a balanced mind & body, and discover life-altering insight through the essence of Wing Chun.

Receive results-based training and detailed instruction. Experience the most advanced aspects of Wing Chun martial arts on a tangible and personal level.

Wing Chun

Students will learn the REAL potential of Wing Chun. We are proud to be the only school of the Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin Lineage in North America. From his teachings and profound insights of internal martial arts, you will understand your true untapped power.

Expert Instruction

We help students unlock the mysteries of internal Wing Chun power with clarity and tangible demonstrations. Our instructors are dedicated to supporting you in your journey to understand the secrets to mastering Wing Chun.

Flexible Schedules

Our studio offers flexible training times and membership fees to support different levels of students, and lifestyles. We understand that everyone is unique, and our teaching method aims to cater to each individual. You will experience personal instruction in a group setting.


Studio Interior
For your first class, please come in a t-shirt, athletic shorts or trousers, and trainers. Students will need to purchase a school t-shirt ($20.00), and will be expected to have black trousers and cloth-bottom kung fu shoes.

Students can arrive and leave anytime during the studio operating hours. Instructors will assist you in your training while you are there. Everyone needs to train at their own level, so instruction is given to each individual personally, and training is practiced together.

The hours are as follows:


Tues, Wed, Thurs: 6pm-9pm
Sat & Sun: 1pm-3pm
Mon & Fri: Closed

You are welcome to schedule a private class.  The fees for private classes with Sifu Lit is $200 per hour.

To book your private lesson please call Sifu Lit at 778-908-3228.

New comers are welcome to try a one-time drop-in session to see if we are a good fit for you.  Drop-in sessions are $50, and if you decide to sign up for regular classes your drop in fee can be applied to the class package you choose.

We teach authentic Wing Chun as passed down by Great Grandmaster Yip Man and Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin.  Students will progress through three empty handed forms, Chi Sau (sticking hands), two weapon forms, and a wooden dummy form. Wing Chun forms are very efficient and elegant, and do without fancy jumps and postures. Our Grandmaster Chu was respectfully titled “Nim Tau Wong”, meaning the “King of the Siu Nim Tau” (Wing Chun’s first form). In our school we put great emphasis on Siu Nim Tau as our core training, which is the path to unlocking your true power, and is the foundation on which further skills are developed.


2 Days per Week 3 Days per Week Unlimited Days
1 Month $150 $190 $210
3 Months $360 $450 $490
6 Months $590 $800 $880
1 Year $1040 $1230 $1380

GST is not included.  Fees are not refundable nor transferable.

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