Adult classes focus on developing a balanced mind and body through training all aspects of Wing Chun – including stance, forms, Chi Sau (sticky hands), and self-defence applications.

Beginners start by learning Siu Nim Tau (The Little Idea), the foundation form that introduces Wing Chun principles of generating force through structured, relaxed, and balanced movement. These movements are then applied in Sticky Hands, a two-person exercise which trains you to remain stable and relaxed under increasing resistance and to be able to move safely and effectively.

These core components of Wing Chun are further developed through two additional empty-hand forms: Chum Kiu (Seeking Bridges) and Biu Jee (Darting Fingers), as well as the famous Mook Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy). Wing Chun also has two weapons forms: Look Dim Boon Gwun (Long Pole), and Baat Jam Do (Eight Cut Knives).

Wing Chun

We are proud to be the only school of the Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin Lineage in North America. From his teachings and profound insights of internal martial arts, you will understand your true untapped power.

Expert Instruction

We help students unlock the mysteries of internal Wing Chun power through clear and tangible demonstrations. Our instructors are dedicated to supporting you in your journey.

Flexible Schedules

Our studio offers flexible training times and membership fees to support different student lifestyles and levels of experience. We understand that everyone is unique, and our teaching method caters to each individual in a group setting.


Studio Interior
For your first class, please come wearing t-shirt, athletic shorts or trousers, and trainers or comfortable shoes. Students will need to purchase a school shirt ($20) and will be expected to wear black trousers and cotton-soled traditional kung fu shoes (available at the school for $30 a pair).

Our Richmond studio is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6-9PM, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-3PM.

Students can arrive and leave any time during open hours. Instructors and senior students will assist you in your training while you are there. Training is a personal commitment, and students should not expect to progress without putting in the effort.

Newcomers are welcome to try a one-time drop-in session to see if we are a good fit for you. There is a drop-in fee of $50, which can be applied to your tuition if you decide to sign up for regular classes afterwards.
You are welcome to schedule a private class with Sifu Lit. Private classes are $200 an hour. Please contact us if you would like to book a private lesson.


2 Days per Week 3 Days per Week Unlimited Days
1 Month $150 $190 $210
3 Months $360 $450 $490
6 Months $590 $800 $880
1 Year $1040 $1230 $1380

GST is not included.  Fees are not refundable nor transferable.

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