About Us

We are a kung fu school in Richmond, BC, teaching Wing Chun, a southern Chinese martial art.  We have classes for children between the age of 6-16, and adults of all ages.

Your Teachers

Sifu Leo Lit

Sifu Lit Leung Yiu began practicing Wing Chun in 1978. In 1989, he had the privilege of training with Sigong Chu Shong Tin (1933-2014), one of Ip Man’s three senior students.  Through Chu Shong Tin’s guidance, he gained a deeper understanding of Wing Chun’s unique approach to develop a relaxed and balanced body capable of powerful movement. 


Sifu Lit is a qualified Senior Instructor of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, and has taught Wing Chun in Vancouver since 1996.  His classes are casual, friendly, and traditional.  Students train to achieve their personal best, rather than for rank or ego.



Sifu Julio

Julio has trained martial arts since his early childhood, and began training with Sifu Lit in 2004. He is an excellent teacher, and a familiar face at the studio for both new and old students alike.



Sifu Chung

Chung began training with Sifu Lit in 2005.  He teaches children’s classes with the aim of improving students’ physical, mental, and social development through martial arts practice.