Junior Class


Personal Development

Our children’s classes nurture your child’s personal development through traditional martial arts training. We provide a safe and relaxed environment for students to train and develop as individuals.

Physical & Mental Focus

Classes are suitable for children aged 5-15.  Exercises are designed to improve physical balance, mental focus, and awareness of personal safety. We emphasize the fostering of children working cooperatively across age groups, and encouraging them to communicate openly.  Children learn to reflect upon and hone what they have learned, and to support one another in training.

Children’s classes are held at our Richmond location on:

10:30am-12:30pm (Julio)
4:00pm-6:00pm (Chung)


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Children will begin with the fundamentals of Wing Chun, starting with Siu Nim Tau, or the Little Idea. They will also learn basic conditioning, including kicks, squats, and structural testing; and self-defense applications, including striking and trapping, in an increasingly unstructured context. Advanced students will continue on to learn Chum Kiu, or Seeking Bridges, the intermediate stage of Wing Chun.

As a traditional Chinese martial art, Wing Chun training involves children working together towards proficiency irrespective of physical age. More experienced students are regularly tasked with leading newer students through basic drills, which consolidates their own technical skill and nurtures their social and communicative abilities.

Through Wing Chun’s technical and physical aspects of self-defense, children will also develop environmental awareness and an understanding of how to assess, avoid, deescalate, and remove themselves from dangerous situations. In addition to traditional training methods, children will also learn to be mindful of their own safety, to deal with difficulties calmly, and to know where and how to seek help when necessary.

The maximum class size is 12 students per class.

Junior classes are for children aged 5-15.

For your first class, please come in a t-shirt, athletic shorts or trousers, and trainers. Students will need to purchase a school t-shirt ($20.00), and will be expected to have black trousers and cloth-bottom kung fu shoes.

Classes are tailored to provide traditional Wing Chun instruction through a structured teaching method. Children’s classes differ significantly from adult classes, in which adults are required to have a more mature and independently-driven approach to training.


  • 1 month: $158

  • 3 months: $378

  • 6 months: $620

  • GST incl.

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