About Us

We teach the style of Wing Chun as passed down by Great Grand Master Yip Man and Grand Master Chu Shong Tin. Our training consists of three empty handed forms, Chi Sau (sticking hands), two weapon forms and a wooden dummy form. Wing Chun forms are very compact and elegant, there are no fancy jumps nor long sequences of movements. It is all very efficient and direct. Our Grand Master Chu is nicked name "Nim Tau Wong - King of the Siu Nim Tau (Wing Chun's first form) Form". In our school we also put great emphasis on Siu Nim Tau as our core training. One will learn to unlock Wing Chun's great power through diligent training in the first form.
Siu Nim Tau

Siu Nim Tau

Unlock your Wing Chun power

Siu Nim Tau can be translated as "A Little Idea". In any sports or martial arts, the mind always plays an important role. Through diligent training of this form, students will learn to be still, stay calm and be in the "zone". It helps students to realize the great potentials that are hidden in their bodies.

Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu

Mobilize your power

Once your power is unlocked by the first form, the second form - Chum Kiu would let you mobilize your power. Chum Kiu can be translated as "Searching for the Bridge", in combat it would mean "finding ways to engage your opponent". The second form have many kicking, stepping and turning movements, proficiency in this form allows students to put their body mass behind every strike.

Bil Jee

Bil Jee

It's all about speed and power

With good foundation in Siu Nim Tau and Chum Kiu, the third form - Bil Jee takes your skills to higher grounds. This form emphaizes speed and power. If one were to see Chum Kiu form as a tank that can crush anything in it's way, Bil Jee would be about firepower! Every move in the form has deadly power.

Sticking Hands

Chi Sau

Structure, Flow, Awareness

Chi Sau (Sticking Hands) is a two person drill. Chi Sau is taught shortly after learning all movements in Siu Nim Tau. Students would how to deal with opponents' flow of forces while maintaining structure. At all times, you will have to stay in the Siu Nim Tau "zone". It looks easier than it actually is, so pick a partner and try it out!

Baat Jam Dao


Short Weapon

Wing Chun's Knife form - Baat Cham Tao employs direct and effective movements. Similar to Bil Jee, every slash in the form is aim to kill. To combat against long weapons, it also contains special footstepping techniques that compensate for the weapon's short range. Accomplished practitioners of this weapon will find the knife form extremely enlightening!

Six and a Half Point Pole

Long Pole

Long Weapon

The long pole form - Six and a half pole is truely an ultimate test to your Wing Chun skills. Students would learn to extend their structure and power all the way to the tip of the pole! Although the form itself is not very long, each move could take years to perfect. Are you ready for the challenge?

Wooden Dummy

Wooden Dummy

Your training companion

You have a stressful day at work? Want to bang on something to release your anger? I suggest you go back to do some more Siu Nim Tau! The wooden dummy is not a frozen target that lets you blindly hit a thousand times a day, hoping that some day you can break the wooden arms with your bare hands. It is in essence a training companion that lets you test your structure, improve your judgment of space and distance, and practice your drills, stepping, and turning. The whole wooden dummy set contains 108 moves; it helps practitioners prepare for real-life combat situations